Examples of Work

Some links demonstrating and concerning my work:

Committee Briefing Data Breach Laws, 2017 Legislative Session, House Judiciary Committee

Faculty Bios 2014 National Legal Aid and Defender Appellate Skills College.

New Mexico Supreme Court Reese Brief for Amicus NMCDLA

Brief In Chief for Amicus NMCLDA in State v. Trujillo

Legislative Analysis:  Analysis of the SPAC Amendments to HB 190, Replace the Death Penalty with LWOP, Which Adds Four Additional Aggravators And Language Requiring Deliberation

My Amicus Brief in James Bort-Jones v. Murdock (Grand Jury reform extraordinary writ, with Michael Stout)

This is the vet bill from my daughter's duck.  It has nothing to do with my legal work.  But, if you mention this Easter egg, I will know you have thoroughly backgrounded me and buy you a coffee.

Allegedly, the whole point of a blog or web page to put up shameless self-promotion like this:

Albuquerque Journal column by Joline Gutierrez Krueger "Defense attorneys key part of justice system" which quotes me and one of my all-time advocate heroes, Molly Schmidt-Nowara.

SCOTUSblog Resource Page on Bullcoming v. New Mexico

Amicus Brief NACDL, NMCDLA in Bullcoming v. New Mexico (full disclosure: Molly Schmidt-Nowara did the heavy lifting and beautiful work on this brief)

Lovely article lauding Bullcoming Amicus Brief from the blog Forensic Science in North Carolina

Opinion in In re Bort-Jones
  (Amicus brief for Grand Jury reform)

Opinion in State v. Daniel Ben Trujillo (Amicus brief for mental health and competency, release)

Opinion in State v. Reynaga (Counsel for defendant, state constitutional right to knock and announce)

Opinion in State v. Cardenas-Alvarez (State constitutional protections apply also to federal agents)

Amicus Brief filed in Arizona in Morehart

Trace Rabern portfolio on JDSupra

Trace Rabern profile Faculty Adjuncts UNM School of Law

Santa Fe attorney receives honor for protecting rights, courage -- Santa Fe New Mexican, June 2011

NACDL The Champion on Charlie Driscoll Honor

Trial Tactics and Strategies: Sharpening the Skills You Need to Preserve the Record, Master the Rules of Evidence and Fine Tune the Art of Trial Objections  --  NMCDLA End of Year CLE in Las Cruces December 2012 (forthcoming presentations)

Quoted in Independent Public Defender on Ballot -- Scott Sandlin, Albuquerque Journal, February 2012

Feds, defense spar over Vaughan plea  or this one: Feds write harsh letter for Ponzi crook; Swindle called 'breathtaking and grotesque'  -- KRQE September 2012

Quoted as saying something not too incoherent in The Muckraker's Guide, May 2010


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